After Hurricane Maria a lot of dogs were displaced, but, happily they were rescued and they can be adopted now in New York. There are a lot of dogs, some of them are feral, others are abandoned, but they all have love and affection to give. The Sato Project worked at the stray dog problem in Puerto Rico before the disaster, which was caused by a huge storm. Puerto Rico was home to about 500,000 dogs before the unforgettable storm. If you want to adopt a dog and you don’t live in New York City, you don’t have to worry about it…just check The Sato Project’s list of adoptable pets around the country.


If you already have pets, but you also want to help Puerto Rico, you can donate cash to UNICEF and with 90 cents of every dollar you will support victims and their families.  Fresh water is scarce, cellphone towers are knocked out and at the hospitals are issues with distributing fuel. People of Puerto Rico needs our support.


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