Youbionic, an Italian Robotics company has released a 3D printed double bionic hands. This device was designed by Federico Ciccarese and is made from nylon dust and consists of actuators, an Arduino micro-controller and three electrodes. These electrodes are activated by some nerve impulses in the same way that your muscles function.



“There’s electricity in all muscles of our body,” Youbionic CEO Federico Ciccarese told Digital Trends. “When the brain sends an impulse to the muscle, the sensor reads it and translates it into a number proportional to the contraction and then sends this message to the microcontroller.”


The earlier prototypes were designed for use by amputees and single-handed, but now the design can be used as an augmentation form for humans. “The tech companies are working to increase our mind. We’re trying to increase our body,” the Youbionic website states, “We are taking the first steps to build devices that work by supporting our native ability to obtain extraordinary abilities.”


This double bionic hands device is controlled with your fingers, more precisely by moving your middle and pointer fingers will result a movement only of one hand. The other hand can be controlled with your pinky and ring fingers. “This is the first wearable robotic devices that will evolve the human race in a something new, to turn the Native Human to Augmented Human,” Youbionics claims.



This device will be used by amputees or by those who need an extra support to hold things. The device’s strength hasn’t been showed and this might suggest that is limited. The Youbionic double-hand can be purchased on the Italian company website for €1799 (USD 2150). If you think is really expensive for you, you can pay €189 for the STL files and this how you will be able to print it yourself.

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