No matter if you were born before or after the ’80s, you definitely know a thing or two about the crazy fashion going on then. From the colorful hairstyles to the big accessories and neon clothes, pulling off an ’80s look that can still work today is a real challenge.. unless you’re Rihanna, of course.


For the past year or so, the internet has been praising this singer for her unique, bold style and her awesome, bossy attitude. In a recent photo shoot for the NY Paper magazine, she took on a new challenge and nearly made us believe that we could go out on the streets in an ’80s outfit and look flawless. Don’t try this, though, it might not work for you the same way.

Okay, we admit that those Manic Panic spikes are indeed pretty crazy and would’ve stand out from the crowd even at an ’80s party, but let’s face it: how many other people could’ve looked that cool wearing a hairstyle like that?

Check out the pics and let us know what you think in the comments!



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