When you plan a vacation, most people tend to go to more popular places, right? It’s usually cities they’ve read about or towns and attractions that have been recommended by friends and family.

But that’s about to change, because there are plenty of small towns in America that are worth traveling to, even if you didn’t even know they existed.

These 52 charming towns across the U.S. might not have made it onto your bucket list yet, but they absolutely deserve a spot – check them out!

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5 thoughts on “52 Charming US Cities You’d Never Thought to Visit”

  1. Steve Karlovich

    Places you should consider for this:
    Ligionier, PA: In the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. It has a super quaint town square, with many unique shops, the revolutionary war Ft. Ligioner, and Joes Bar, an old sportmans club with more animal heads on the walls than you will ever see anywhere else.

  2. Edith Sylvester

    So happy to see my hometown – Boone, North Carolina. The picture shown does not do justice to this beautiful mountain town with an impressive college, many lovely homes and churches.

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