Most people love to camp in nature, to feel the vibration of wilderness. But we all know it’s very hard to bring so many accessories of equipment, not to mention the rough hike. If you are also a camp lover, your problems are solved. This may be the best camping invention and the Ohio-based company says that with the Shoal Tent “the world is your waterbed.”




How cool is that? Sleeping, eating, relaxing, reading and cuddling in the Shoal Tent. Imagine you and your partner staying in this tent on the lake. This floating tent must be pleasant. You can explore the whole day with this tent, enjoying the incredible view.



The amazing part of it it’s that you don’t have to build it. The struggle is real and we understand what you have to endure when you are building a tent. With this floating tent it’s really easy. All you have to do is to inflate it and then you can enter in it.



Of course, this tent it’s waterproof, you don’t have to worry about nature’s air, even if you are facing with high winds. The floor of the tent it’s a six-inch thick drop fabric, which turns immediately into an air mattress.




The topper of the tent it’s very easy to attach and detach and you can also use it as a top to get out. This tent takes camping to a new level and it’s a worthy investment. For sure this invention is every camper’s dream!

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