Is it a cruise ship? Is it a hotel? Is it a weird glass balloon? All of them.

If you dream of getting lost on the sea without any people around (literally), get ready to be amazed by a brand new experience: the floating hotel.

Designed by Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed amusement park, this Japanese creation is as weird and unique as it gets. Basically, this hotel is a big bubble-shaped bubble that floats across the Omura Bay all the way to a private island filled with adventure-themed attractions.


The white sphere-shape architecture comes with a bathroom, beds and, well, not so much space to move around. Therefore, those who are claustrophobic should watch out because this is not your usual hotel room! Also, if you’re afraid of the mighty waves of the ocean, do note that this hotel literally floats to the island and there’s no experienced sailors on board with you.

The project wasn’t officially launched yet, so there are a few questions left to answer. What if the hotel drifts away? What happens during a sea storm?

Either way, it seems like a truly unique experience. Would you dare to spend the night in a hotel like this one?

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