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How important is vitamin D? Well, the answer is that its importance is directly proportional to seeing the light of day. In other words, your body needs it to function properly and survive. Hence, vitamin D (also referred to as ‘calciferol’ or the ‘sunshine vitamin’) is a fat soluble vitamin that is naturally presented in certain foods, supplements and the sunlight.

Vitamin D obtained from sun exposure is one of the most important sources. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic and social restrictions, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency because they don’t go outdoors to be exposed to sunlight.

This type of vitamin promotes calcium absorption in the gut, prevents cramps ad spasms, helps your bones to grow healthy without becoming thin. Vitamin D along with calcium is essential to protect seniors from developing osteoporosis. It is also good at reducing inflammation and improving your immune system. Of course, these are just a few of the real benefits of this vitamin.

According to Nicole Avena, Ph.D., an assistant professor of neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, “Vitamin D is important [for] muscle, heart, and lung functioning. One of the major roles [vitamin D] plays is to help maximize the absorption and utilization of calcium, which is an important mineral for our skeletal system and teeth.”

It’s crucial to give your body the right daily dose of vitamin D, otherwise, you risk developing infection, fatigue, back pain, and other serious diseases.

So, in order to help you better understand the importance of vitamin D and its impact on the human body, here are some surprising benefits that it could offer you. Read on for more info!

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