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We don’t know what your thoughts are when it comes to famous people, but we believe that they are the pure definition of the word “extra”. Whether we are talking about the foods that they eat, the houses they live in, the cars they are driving, or the destinations they are choosing to go on vacation, it seems like they don’t do the same things as ordinary people.

The same rule applies when we are talking about famous people who are no longer with us. We already know that from ancient times up to this day, people have been buried with some of their favorite things from when they were alive. We call these “grave goods”, “goodbye gifts”, or “burial gifts”. They are little comforts that were important for people in their lives.

However, when it comes to famous people, the things that their friends and families bury them with, are no longer ordinary. Here are some of the weirdest keepsakes that celebrities have been buried with at their funeral ceremonies.

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