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Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood… the place where everybody’s wildest dreams can become reality. It’s the place where you see many people in the spotlight, looking their best, being all glammed-up and ready to go.

But for many people, the power of makeup or of a team of experts it’s not enough. And what can we say when it seems like for many celebrities, the most important thing is their looks?

Many stars decided to jump in the doctor’s seat and get injected with fillers here and there, for a younger and more plump appearance. But this is not all!

But some stars took it to the next level and went under the knife to get the extreme results they wanted. Some of them addressed the fact that they received a little help from the surgeons, while others keep saying that their results are natural. Such as Kim Kardashian who says that her enormous butt is a result of thousands of squats!

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s see these photos of these celebrities! But before we begin, let me warn you that some of these results are not pretty!

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