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Transgender people are at the vanguard of the LGBTQ rights movement, working as the most avid advocates for the rights of queer people all over the world. They have proved their abilities and passions in a variety of disciplines and sectors during the last few decades, such as music, acting, sports, business, television, and so many other industries.

They have broken through so many barriers and contributed to advancing social norms and attitudes regarding queerness by excelling at what they do. These trans celebrities have served as role models for young queer people all over the world by exploiting their fame and social position.

Keep reading to find out which celebrities went through transgender transformations!

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1 thought on “10 Transgendered Celebs Who Came Out On Top”

  1. i am transgender, but I wish I had that kind of money to look like these Ladies. They are Gorgeous. My Breasts are B Cup, but I wish they were bigger. And even though mine are a B cup, I am of that age to say the heck with it. But I do still dream. I do believe their Dreams are fulfilled. Congrats to them and others that love to dream.

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