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The truth is that we live in an era where body stereotypes, discrimination against overweight or underweight people and beauty standards have taken over the world and influenced people of all ages. Beauty standards differ from society to society, determining people to make huge efforts to meet them, from cosmetic interventions either invasive or non-invasive, to exaggerated body modifications and various beauty rituals.

However, all these beauty standards make people have body insecurities and lead to a lower self esteem in the long run. For example, in communities where skinny bodies are appreciated, people will be more likely to develop anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or other eating disorders; while in societies where people are attracted to voluptuous and Rubenesque bodies, women usually try various cosmetic surgeries to increase their proportions in certain body areas, such as Kim Kardashian and her famous behind.

Whether we are talking about women or men, these body insecurities can be found in people of all ages, regardless of their gender. Of course, learning to love yourself just the way you are is a difficult task and not many people succeed in this sense – not even celebrities who seem to be self confident.

In general, people aspire to look like certain celebrities. In fact, public figures play a very important role in influencing people and keeping beauty standards alive most of the time. However, you should know that they have body insecurities as well.

So, here are some stars that would change certain body parts if they could. Read on to find out more info!

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