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Portraying a mental disorder can be a sensitive and difficult topic. Of course, it shouldn’t be a taboo subject, but the way we expose mental disorders can affect people in a negative way and put them in a bad light. In fact, we’ve all heard of many mental disorders at some point in our lives, whether we have friends or family members who suffer from these illnesses, or maybe we’ve been through it or we have simply seen them in movies. The idea is that we are somehow familiar with them.

Unfortunately, certain mental disorders can be misinterpreted and portrayed in a negative way, which can lead to serious misunderstandings of people suffering from these diseases, as well as the construction of untrue stereotypes. For example, the most common stereotype about people who suffer from a mental disorder is that they are automatically killers and can harm everyone at any time, which is absolutely wrong.

So, to help people better understand what mental disorders really are and that actors in movies exaggerate when portraying them, here is some interesting info about them. Read on to find out more info!

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