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We can say that certain magazines are a part of American history. Since the first publication of a popular magazine that starts with “P” and ends with “Y” in 1953, with Marilyn Monroe on the cover, it became the dream of every person.

However, the magazine has long been the main subject of gossip due to the fact that some women have shown a bit too much on the magazine’s cover, or because of the fact that the “nice girl” had given in to a certain type of inclinations when she agreed to pose for a spread.

However, what is empowering to some people can seem unorthodox to others, so no wonder there are a lot of discussions about this topic.

For many famous women who’ve agreed to pose for the magazine, a “birthday suit” photoshoot has come with a high price tag which is necessary to counter the consequences of a public image crisis that occurs with publishing.

Here are 10 of the most well-known celebrities who have posed for certain magazines, along with their earnings.

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