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Well, I guess we all keep our freezer full of a lot of frozen foods that it is actually impossible to find something that you want to cook without taking out half the contents of your freezer, right? But this is not actually a mistake, because it means that you use your freezer to its full capacity and that is fine!

“It’s an important kitchen tool that can not only make food last longer, but make your life easier,” says Jamie Palafox, senior chef evaluator at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles, California. “Understanding your freezer can help you save time in meal prep, reduce food waste, and give you better-tasting food if you use it wisely!”

But is it recommended to keep any type of food in the freezer? How will you know that you have to throw away some frozen food? So, here are some signs it is time to toss out your frozen food.

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