Are you tired of secretly drinking Irish coffee at the workplace? Would you like to amaze your friends with a really original drink (that includes more than fruits and milk)? Then this new trend is definitely the right one for you.

Although the lovers of red wine hot chocolate claim that this drink is only meant for cozy winter evenings, you can definitely go for it on a rainy day regardless of the season. Yes, it does sound weird, but just wait for it.

Of course, these two flavors seem like a no-match for anyone. However, if you combine all the ingredients as the already viral recipe suggests, you can get the best out of these overly tasty goodies – with alcohol on top!

Step by step recipe:

1. Mix together some cocoa powder, sugar and a bit of salt (yes, salt!)

2. Gradually add small amounts of cold milk and whine while stirring

3. Heat the whole mix to a boil, but remember to keep stirring in order to avoid burning!

4. Let the mix cool down a bit and, when the temperature’s right, get ready to enjoy the drink of a lifetime!

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