Are your denim clothes becoming worse every time you wash them? No wonder! Even though it’s one of the most resistant materials used by people all over the globe, denim can be ruined in no time unless you take care of it properly.

Here are some of the most important things to consider before cleaning your favorite pair of Levi’s.


1. Soak the denim in vinegar

Am I the only one who’s completely disappointed by how much the color of my jeans change every time I wash them? Well that’s about to change in the simplest way possible!

When using large amounts of water, the denim’s dye is being washed away. So instead of shoving your jeans in hot water along with other clothing items, you should soak them in vinegar and cold water for about an hour. And if you’re too busy/lazy for hand washing, just add a small cup of vinegar in the washing machine along with the denim. This will maintain their original color.

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