This is the most outrageous thing which has ever been produced in the history: the fried drumstick-shaped bath bomb. If you are in love with KFC, you can try this weird product and you will smell like your fried chicken from KFC. This product was created by KFC teamed up with Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard. This fried drumstick-shaped bath bomb not only it is smelling like a fried chicken but also it looks like you are cooking it when you put it in your bathtub.



Well…now you are probably wondering who wants to smell like a fried chicken. The answer is Japanese people. This fast food chain is really popular there and you probably know how much they love unusual things. As we said, this product it actually looks like it’s frying when you put it into your bathtub. Believe it or not, this item is a guaranteed hit.



When this fried drumstick-shaped bath bomb makes contact with water it’s starting to dissolve and the interesting thing it’s that the carbon dioxide bubbles create the illusion of frying. The water turns into orange color, just like the used oil and it smells like KFC’s secret mix of “spices and herbs”.



Believe it or not, these drumstick bath bombs are not available to everyone. KFC is offering them to 100 big fans and those lucky persons must like the KFC account on Twitter and share a special tweet to be able to enter in the raffle. This campaign ends on 15th November.

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