This young CEO lives in Southern California and he is looking for the perfect girlfriend. He is offering $10.000 to whoever will find him a perfect girlfriend and he will also offer $2.000 to any person who will introduce him to another person who can connect him with his future girlfriend. This young man created a complex dating advert in which he details why he is using this kind of dating and what he looks for in a girlfriend. He also explains the terms in which he mentions that he will give the reward only if he dates his perfect kind of woman for at least four months.



He doesn’t want a woman who only wants his money, he is looking for an intelligent and honest woman. The perfect kind of woman in his vision must be open-minded, intelligent and preferably Jewish. Also, this man will pay her airfare, if the woman doesn’t live in Southern California. He wants a childless woman and aged between 20 and 30. Cohen describes himself as ”intelligent, kind, easy-going, even-keeled, authentic, positive, and honest. I tend to always push the bounds of or poke at social conventions, mainly for the entertainment value it brings me.” His hobbies include hiking, tennis, traveling and meeting interesting people, his ancestry is 99.8% European, and he is a very direct guy who likes to live his life “as if the concept of embarrassment didn’t exist”.



Cohen explains that he had enough materialistic women and he came up with this idea of dating, because he is new to Southern California. “If you ask around, most women meet guys through social circles, school, or work. The problem is, as I mentioned, my social circles in southern California are limited, I’m not in school, and it’s not a good practice to date your employees,” he writes. Cohen was always opened for a relationship, but his dates were unsuccessful.



“I got a whole new wardrobe, started working out, bought a new Benz, bought furniture and gadgets to make my room look cool, became more extroverted, got lasik, and more. I ended up attracting the wrong types of women that I wasn’t interested in anyway,” he claims. His dating advert has been viewed 3000 times and he received over 400 messages. So, if you think you are the right person or you have in mind the right woman for him, give him a message!

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