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Being a celebrity is not that simple, especially when you are well known for your eccentric lifestyle and daring personality. Of course, they have to act differently from other ‘normal’ people when it comes to their everyday routine, because they need to maintain that social status, so most of these famous people opt for extremely expensive vacations, cars, clothes and so on, to impress others.

However, when you start to get used to a certain lifestyle, you feel that you have to change something to become the center of attention again. Thus, when you think that a Bugatti or a Rolls Royce, or a private jet is not enough, you are thinking about moving to the next level and want a whole township like Kim Basinger or a ticket to space like Katy Perry, right?

Meanwhile, there are people who wonder if it is worth buying a certain pair of sneakers or if it is better to keep the money to eat out instead, but who are we to judge those celebrities’ actions?!

Well, as the saying goes “money can’t buy happiness”, but there’s research that suggests that money can have a positive impact on your happiness and quality of life (but not in the long run, because buying more stuff won’t actually bring you more joy). In fact, the more things you have and can afford, the more extravagant things you want.

That being said, here are the most shocking and ridiculous things celebrities have ever bought. Read on for more!

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