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Paradoxically, having a ridiculously high IQ doesn’t make you a resourceful person who can do well in life – or at least this is what the experts told us. Of course, being intelligent is one of the most important and appreciated characteristics that someone could have, because not only can you better understand the world in which you live, but you can also detect people’s intentions. In other words, there are many advantages and privileges to being smart.

However, just like anything in life, intelligence can have its downsides as well. Although being clever increases your chances of becoming successful and polite, it doesn’t mean that these traits can help you do everything you want in life effortlessly and with no side effects.

If we were to look back thousands of years ago, we can say that intelligence is the feature that helped us evolve from primates, but it also took involuntary survival instincts to survive, right? That being said, being smart is essential, but it can also have some negative effects on your well-being and quality of life. Read on for more info!

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