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Regardless of the season, family vacations can be really great if you know how to plan ahead. Going on vacation with your family can be really excited because you spend quality time with your loved ones and improve your mental health. According to some recent studies, people who spend quality time with their families are less likely to develop depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. 

Unfortunately, some people still experience a little anxiety and stress episodes when they have to go on vacation because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s important to stay safe and follow all social distance measures and personal hygiene rules when traveling. 

Whether it’s an annual trip or spontaneous adventure, as well as going only with your partner or maybe with your children and pets, it’s important to be prepared for any event that may occur, from minor travel accidents to choosing the places you want to visit.

According to Dr. Esther K. Chung, a professor of pediatrics and pediatrician at the Pediatric Care Center at University of Washington Medical Center-Roosevelt, “a lot of times parents are stressed the entire time they travel. So let’s go back to why people are traveling in the first place — to have fun and explore.”

So, before you go on vacation, it’s important to take into consideration these tips and be prepared for anything. Read on to find out more info!

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