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There are certain types of viruses, bacteria and parasites that can be easily transmitted and we all know this because we usually keep our distance when someone has contracted one of these viruses until they heal. For instance, the novel coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2, can be spread even through surfaces and survive for a few days there. 

More than that, it is a virus that has wreaked havoc all over the world and it’s normal to keep the distance and follow a strict personal hygiene routine when someone is contaminated, such as washing your hands and using sanitizer to disinfect your personal objects that you touch every day. 

Yet, it has been proven that if there are fewer particles of a specific virus on a surface, you are less likely to catch that virus. According to Ross McKinney, chief scientific officer of the American Association of Medical Colleges, “you have to get a certain level of virus exposure to be infected.”

However, despite these viruses that you know spread very quickly from one person to another, there are still a lot of other diseases that you had no idea that are actually contagious. Unfortunately, there are some contagious diseases can’t be cured or eliminated by disinfectant or other things like that. 

In fact, some of them can be controlled by special treatments, but you won’t be able to eliminate them forever, and of course, we are not talking about laughing and yawning, which are harmless and it seems that are contagious. Plus, there are some things that can be spread from person to person even though you haven’t interacted with another person who is in the same situation as you. 

Thus, here are some things that you can catch from someone else, from various diseases and behaviors to different states that could ruin your mood and you are not even aware of. Read on to find out more info!

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2 thoughts on “10 Surprising Things You Won’t Believe Are Contagious”

  1. From page 2: “Their hypothesis is that these diseases coexist with an altered microbiome that exists in your gut, and in general, people spread microbes with the people they cohabitate or interact with. In general, these unhealthy altered microbiomes are responsible for causing the disease in other people.”
    I can understand how this could be true. But if my microbiome is healthy and my spouse’s isn’t, the implication is the unhealthy microbiome will be passed to me. Why would the healthy microbiome lose to the unhealthy ones?
    If this is true, than it is chilling and the implications are incredible! “… people spread microbes with the people they cohabitate or interact with.” So the people I work with for many hours most of the days in a week can affect my health because they are unhealthy. “Here try the cookies we made”, says the obese, unhealthy guy in your workplace. He’s being nice, right? I have a new and different outlook on things. It all makes sense, we should have known.

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