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One of the most important rules that you have to take into consideration is that happiness is a choice and you do not have to wait for it to suddenly appear in your life, because you have to work for it, you should try to create your own journey to happiness and enjoy the road. The truth is that happiness can be defined based on people’s experiences and everything is subjective in this case.

In general, we tend to see the world according to our own experiences and we make decisions based on our values and principles. That’s why happiness may be a complex concept because people perceive it differently. 

But one thing is clear, namely that happiness is a state of mind that makes our lives easier and also helps us deal with possible stressful events that makes us anxious. Yet, according to a 2016 study done by Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness, only a third of Americans reported that they are really happy. Thus, it is categorical that we need to be more positive and focus on what makes us feel good, especially these days when everything is stressful because of the coronavirus pandemic, right? 

In other words, you should know that, in life, small things really make the difference. For instance, if you try to exercise more, eat healthily, get adequate sleep and bring more pleasure into your life, I promise you that your level of happiness will increase significantly. 

According to Yale professor, Laurie Santos, “these constant practices are really what’s required to boost your happiness. It’s like a tire that you put air into. Occasionally it leaks, and you have to put more air into it. It’s not a one-time thing where you learn it and you’re good. You actually have to put the work in. What the science suggests is that these tips apply cross-culturally, across ages, and no matter what job you have.”

So, anyone can become happier regardless of their status, job, age, gender and other features, but you have to follow these simple tips if you want a quick process. Read on for more info and enjoy it!

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