Just like many other big retailers, Walmart sells everything from vacuums to books and while most of their products are worth buying, you can find other items at better prices elsewhere.

To help you look at all your options, we’ve created a list of what you shouldn’t buy at Walmart, all in the name of saving more money and making sure you get the best product possible.

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1. TVs

You should never buy TVs at Walmart, no matter how low prices may be. The retailer has great deals only because the quality of products matches the price point.

“Walmart’s HDTVs are at ‘low’ prices because they are the lower-quality versions than those sold elsewhere,” notes Lori McDaniel, senior content manager at Offers.com. “[You can] get higher-quality at low prices at a warehouse store like Costco or check out the best selling 4K TV on Amazon.”

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24 thoughts on “20 Things You Should NEVER Buy at Walmart”

  1. I have had it with Walmart. The shoppers are discourteous, but the checkout people are the absolute worst!!! The last 2 times I was there, I purchased a six pack of beer — I like specialty beers for the flavor; each time the price on the shelf was 10.99 or 11.99. When I checked the receipt, it read 18.99 or 19.99 — $8.00 above the shelf price! So I went to Customer Service where I was immediately told that since it was alcohol, State Law did not allow refund or refund on overpricing. Obviously this is the practice of the store for beer — so how many of us always check our sales slips every item, every time for higher than posted prices. I have had overpricing problems in the past off and on, and by the time you get your refund, you have spent a half hour or more in line and talking with customer service people — not worth it, go somewhere else where you can trust the pricing.

  2. As I read through each of the items discussed, it appear to me theres very little you are suggesting be brought at Walmart. It would be nice to see a report on items that’s less expensive at this store. A complete report such as this would be helpful for those that shop there.

  3. Catherine E. Bradley

    I also just purchased a Singer Sewing Machine there, when I went to register a warranty and order a manual, found the phone number was for Australia and New Zealand. They said Ineed to contact US, but could not find the model listed, so now what to do???

      1. I always shop on line at Chewy’s…reasonably priced and speedy delivery..sometimes I receive my order the next day!!!

      2. I agree! Chewy has great products and prices too. But what keeps me a customer is the really awesome real people customer service !!

    1. I found Costco Rotisserie chicken is a pretty good deal for a small-ish dog. Fed our dachshund with it when we found out his cancer was terminal. A $5 chicken for him lasted about a week.

  4. We haven’t experienced any of these problems at Walmart , in fact even when we need to return something and don’t have the purchase receipt there’s never a problem with exchange or cash back . I agree about the cell phone package purchases tho ( don’t go there ) . As far as being overcharged we always watch the display as the checkout prosses the items and if we see a difference we immediately ask about it , no problem . Some clerks are not as pleasant as others but most of them are , I wouldn’t want their job

    1. I agree. I shop at 3 Walmarts regularly. Happy to find one when I travel to buy needed items. Convenient like McDs. No complaints. I like our produce.

  5. Beer price might not have been a Walmart tip off. In Washington state, probably others, more than one tax or fee is added to the retail price.

  6. Amazing! I purchased a refrigerator from Sears who are subsidiaries to Walmart, Kmart in May 2019 Memorial day .It was delivered two weeks later. In the month of June 2019 it stopped working. I called and ask that the fridge be replaced they refused to replace it. From May 2019 to August 2020 the technician has come in and change parts five times. Sears has refused to come in and take the broken fridge out of my house. Sometimes you call and you can be speaking to someone in China, India, any part of the world, just to name two trust me I have been allover the world them. And you are right they are very disrespectful.

    1. Me too I’m tired of talking with people I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what they are saying
      Same for the supervisor

  7. I quit using Walmart for my prescriptions because the pharmacy cashier rang everyone before me on one register, but I had to be checked out on another register that didn’t work. She made me run every CC I owned and none of them went through. I asked her to please reuse the other register that seemed to work. She refused. I called the pharmacy the next day to explain my problem. They were wonderful. She didn’t put my order in a bin to be returned like she stated she would. Never used Walmart again. The ones in the more expensive neighborhoods seem to be much nicer and clientele are also nicer.


    Mario Galluscio Last year 2020 we bought a tv. The screen was the damaged. the next morning UPS delivered one the front door. END OF PROBLEM. IT WAS THE CHEAPEST PRICE.

  9. Joanne Christie

    I don’t trust Walmart for anything esp my meds. I have used Kinney’s for more years than I can count‼️

  10. If you’re buying meat or poultry in Walmart folks, being shocked that it was sub-par has more to do with your quality expectations than theirs.

  11. Not meats & poultry! They are bathed & injected with a preserative solution to extend the shelf life. The solution preserves the color & “fresh” appearance since everything comes from storage warehouses. It is also VERY unhealthy. Causes allergic reactions in some people .

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