We all have tried at some point a new type of cocktail. Whether we were influenced by a friend, or that it was our choice, we experienced a new cocktail, which wasn’t so pleasant. Now this problem is solved! You can find the right cocktail for your taste with a high-tech cocktail glass, named Vocktail. This virtual cocktail can turn water into any other drink. This high-tech cocktail glass simply tricks your eyes, taste buds and nose and you just think that you drink something different.



Also, this revolutionary cocktail glass comes with LED lights and you can change the color of your drink as you wish. On the rim of the cocktail glass are sliver electrodes, which stimulate your tongue so that it can taste the liquid as sweet, sour or salty as you want. This amazing glass is also equipped with three micro air pumps, which has flavor cartridges, so you can activate them when you want to fool your nose.


The Vocktail was developed by Nimesha Ranasinghe, a Research Fellow at National University of Singapore, and was recently showcased at the Association for Computing Machinery Multimedia Conference, in Mountain View, California. Ranasinghe also did a digital lemonade, but he didn’t add the smell stimulation to it.


“Imagine next time you order a cocktail you can customize its flavor using a mobile app, or try out entirely new flavors — for example, you order a mojito, but you want to try it with a hint of chocolate or strawberry,” Ranasinghe said. “Even though we call it a Virtual Cocktail, it is not only a virtual cocktail, it is mainly about augmenting the cocktail drinking experiences. So far, from our demonstrations, people love it mainly due to the presence of smell sensations.


Also, it seems that having the smell sensation combine the different sensory channels — smell, taste, color, and other factors — to create a seamless flavor experience. Adding smells help the consumers to explore flavors, and experimentally create new cocktails.”



The coolest thing about this high-tech glass is that it comes with an app for smartphones, which allows us to change the color of our drink. And because it is important how our tongues perceives the taste of the drink, you can modify the taste with 40 microamps for a salty one, 80 microamps for a bitter one and 180 microamps for a sour one.

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