It’s true that Walmart and Target offer great deals on many items. But that doesn’t mean you should buy everything the two stores have to offer. Smart shoppers know it’s not just about getting the lowest price — it’s about getting great deals on high-quality items.


Check out the worst things you can buy at WALMART and TARGET!

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4 thoughts on “13 Worst Things to Buy at WALMART and TARGET”

  1. I buy certain fresh produce at Target, such as bananas, Clementines, and blueberries. They are much less than the same items at Publix, and just as good. I also buy my meat at Target, which is also less expensive than Publix (unless they have it on sale), and I think it’s of better quality.

  2. UNITED in Tx. Is an outstanding store, clean, manager always around, great meat and Variety . Friendly staff. They are a bit higher but for the quality and atmosphere it’s worth it.

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