MYTH: If you eat less and do more sports, you’ll lose weight instantly

In case you were planning to follow this plan to lose weight, don’t bother. No matter how much you hear it on TV or from other people, this is one of the worst lies when it comes to diets.

Of course, fat is actually stored energy and that’s what foods give you, but starving yourself won’t give you the results you want – quite the opposite, in fact!

First of all, if you give your body less than it needs to function correctly, you’ll start feeling really bad. Just try eating one meal per day and see how you feel.

Also, as soon as you start eating normally again, those extra pounds will show up in no time! Actually, even a large amount of foods consumed at once can alter your weight quickly. So just don’t.

The solution? Although this sounds just like another crazy myth, eating more than 3 meals per day will actually help you lost weight a lot. Of course, we’re not talking about french fries and burgers, but small, healthy means that give you the right amount of energy you need.

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