Recently, a certain spot located in the Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains made all the ladies drop their shopping sessions and go straight to the heart of nature. There, a truly uniquely shaped plant spreads all over the area – and it definitely looks like a miracle for those single (or not) gals out there.

The name of the plant? Pong Kdor Moha Tep.

Yeah, I know the name doesn’t tell you anything, but its appearance definitely does. Basically, this pitcher plant looks just like a circumcised penis. In fact, that is what Kdor Moha Tep actually means!

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s see what this plant has in store for us.

First of all, it’s carnivorous, so using it might not be such a great idea for any woman.  This plant totally loves insects and captures them by opening its head-like lid and capturing the tiny creatures inside.

Here you can watch some ladies getting the perks of some pretty big Pong Kdor Moha Tep in the area.

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