The definition of home is a place where you can feel safe and loved. Home offers us a secure and happy environment. The bad thing it’s that you can’t control what happens in nature. A dog from Florida barked so loudly in the house and couldn’t stop until he found what was outside. What his owner found was incredible. You can’t expect a strange visit from wild animals if you live in the middle of the city, even if you live in suburbs. Have you ever thought what you going to do if one of those wild animals is at your door? Well…a family experienced this unbelievable incident. The Southern half of the United States has a diverse wildlife and you can have an unexpected visit every time.


A family from Florida was caught by surprise when the doorbell rang. When they opened the door to see who it was, they were shocked. An alligator was standing right at their door. Certainly, when you are living in a tropical area, this kind of things can happen at any moment. But how many of us are prepared for this situation?




Phil Hendra lives in a suburban neighbourhood, in East Fort Myers, Florida. Most of the wild animals are scared of humans and populated areas therefore you don’t expect to see these creatures on the streets. This man was very lucky to have furry companions, otherwise it could have end very bad.




One morning Phil realized that his dogs were acting strange and weird and after a few hours he decided to check out. When Phil was checking his porch, he met an unexpected visitor. There was a panther on his porch, staring at him.




The first thing that Phil did was to take his camera and photograph this huge panther. The panther didn’t seem bothered, on the contrary, it was very relaxed. This man was lucky with this panther, but if you see a panther you don’t want to mess with it. They are seven feet long at maturity and can weigh up to 220 pounds.

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