Usually, when you go to the mechanics something’s wrong and you aren’t very pleasant about it. The first problem it’s that you don’t have your car to go to the job and the second one it’s the bill, yes that huge bill, which leaves your pocket empty. This cop at least had something to smile about it, when his car was fixed.




After his vacation, the deputy realized that his police car had some driving problems and he took it to the mechanic. The mechanic said that the only problem with the car it’s with the headlight on the passenger side, but he had no idea what the real problem was.




When the mechanic started to repair the police car, he realized something strange it’s going on. Deputy Sandra Rogers of the MCSO told reporters “The mechanic began replacing the headlight and noticed that the wire had been chewed,” she revealed on June 23, 2017. They thought it was a rodent, because rodents often get into cars, but they looked further it was a really big surprise.




“He started to fix the wiring when he saw a whole bunch of leaves,” Deputy Rogers explained. Meanwhile, the cop thought that his car it’s ready and he came at the mechanic’s shop to pick it up. He was in shock when he saw the real problem. “Inside the nest of leaves were four baby squirrels,” Rogers revealed. The mechanic said that he never saw something like this: baby squirrels in the arch of the car wheel.




This was a real surprise, they never expected that this can happen. Also, the mechanic announced that this was a first for him. Imagine his face when he saw those baby squirrels.

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