Brennon Jones has the biggest heart in Philadelphia. This barber is literally an inspiration to all of us and we should learn something from this amazing life story. He is a cool barber in Philadelphia and he cuts different types or hair. But the real awesomeness it’s that Brennon is also the barber of homeless persons. He is giving haircuts in his neighbourhood to the homeless persons for some time and he also is feeding them, providing them clothes and so many other things…his generosity has no end. His life lesson inspired others to do good things for their community.




When you feel abandoned it is hard to see the light in life, but for those who were helped by this man, life has other meaning now. Jones gives free haircuts to strangers and he also started a Facebook page named Haircut4Homeless, hoping that his page will spread love and affection all around the world.




If you do good things, good things will happen to you. That’s why he does it. He feels so good after giving a free haircut. He said that he provided at least a thousand of haircuts. Imagine how fulfilled he must be.




Brennon’s action was motivating for others and this inspired Sean Johnson to help him out. Sean Johnson gave him a renovated barber shop to honor his mom, who paid his license at the barber school.




This guardian angel will open his barber shop in November and he will continue to give free haircuts for those in need. He offered us an important lesson, which, hopefully we will remember it every time when we will see persons who need our attention.
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