When you think about your wedding day, for sure you have pictured an image with all your friends, relatives and close ones. That’s way, in that special day you want your grandparents to stay beside you, especially your grandma. The most kind and generous person is your grandmother. She is there for you no matter what, because she raised and loved you. Unfortunately, not many of us are so lucky to have their grandmothers in this special day. Life isn’t so kind, it gives and it also takes. Brittany Marr experienced this bitterness of life when she was supposed to marry knowing that her grandmother’s cancer had spread to her bones.




Her grandma, Ellen was diagnosed with breast cancer and her granddaughter was scared that she couldn’t dance with her grandma on her wedding day. Brittany didn’t want to make Ellen wait that long, given that her wedding was set up for September 16, 2017 so she took action and she won a first look photo shoot for her wedding. Instead of the usual photo album with the bride and the groom, she wanted her grandma to join her for the photo shoot. The result was amazing!




Brittany noted on her Facebook posts that in general, we take the people we love for granted. You may never know what future holds for you, so value every second of your life, even putting a necklace around your grandma’s neck can be a precious moment.




This photo shoot was overwhelming for both of these women. Ellen and Brittany danced to “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by Martina McBride and they said they will treasure this moment for the rest of their lives.




The best part of this inspiring story is that Ellen had enough strength to attend Brittany’s wedding and dance once again with her. Enjoy the little things in your life, because the little things mean the most.

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