The Uber app has become very popular these recent years. This Uber app works just like a taxi service. You can schedule and order a ride from your smartphone. You will never know what to expect from an Uber car or driver, because anyone can be an Uber driver. Well…if you are a gamer, you will probably be delighted with a selection of video games in the Uber car. Here are some interesting Uber drivers and Uber cars.


A typical Uber car in Virginia




This Uber car it’s proper for this weather. But have you ever thought how much the driver pays for the gas?


Uber driver in Manhattan




Well…this seems a little bit awkward, but if you ordered a ride and this guy with his Uber car shows up at your door, you can’t say NO.


Uber car from Dubai




Yes…we wouldn’t expect anything less from Dubai. This is far away from next level: to get a ride with an Uber Mclaren.


Uber ride for gamers




This is probably the best car for a gamer. And the driver has a serious business. Well done, mister!


Uber Max




Now before you get excited at the chances of riding this bad boy, keep in mind it was probably just used as promotion at a convention of some sort.


Your Uber car has arrived




Probably this car doesn’t meet the standards of Uber, but for sure you will want a ride with this beauty.

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