Do you ever feel nostalgic about those days in your childhood, when you almost every time wanted to sleep outside? Well…probably all of us are falling asleep sometimes in our hammocks, but in some favorable conditions and the first condition it’s the weather. We can’t fall asleep outside when it’s raining or snowing, so the less in Iceland. But how about the amazing northern lights or the stargaze? No, you can’t tie your hammock to a tree, when the lowest temperature on record in the northern part is -39.7°C, you will literally freeze to death. In this situation the 5 Million Star Hotel it’s the best choice you can make. This hotel it’s perfect if you want to enjoy the beautiful northern lights, because it has bubble pods.




Imagine yourself and your beloved standing in a warm environment like this with a cup of wine in your hands. How it looks like? Mesmerizing! Doesn’t it? This hotel will give you the best and more!




The location of this hotel it’s by the river Hvita in Skalholt, Iceland, but you will never feel like in a hotel. Alice from Wonderland will be jealous. You will be surrounded by beautiful snow-covered pine trees plus the magic of the incredible Iceland.




This bubble pods are out of this world and you will have an unforgettable experience if you choose them. This bubble pod looks just like a huge ball and allows you to see clearly the unbelievable view. And…the best it’s yet to come! You can control the climate, so you will not freeze inside those bubble pods. These spheres are all linked to a communal bathroom and kitchen, but who takes this in consideration when you have the spectacular view?!




Also, these bubble pods have an amazing ventilation system, which you will not hear it. This place it’s quite private, because the exactly location it’s only revealed after they have gotten a down payment from customers.




This idea with bubble pods came up after the hotel’s founder, Robert Robertsson realized that travelers can’t enjoy the magic of the winter with frozen faces. So, he decided to give them an unforgettable experience, despite the bad weather. If you hate winter, but you fell in love with this place, don’t worry, you can visit it in summer.



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