Anybody who is proud of his/her country shows it in different ways: some may hang the national flag around their house, others may wear traditional clothing items.. and some may fight on the internet about anything related to it.

Apparently, all of these things just weren’t enough for a family of overly proud Texans! And just like any other rational human being, designed Dan Phillips asked himself: why wear Texan boots when I can build a house that looks just like them?


Well, that’s not exactly what he thought. Dan Phillips is a designer living in Huntsville, Texas, who recently became viral for its boot-shaped cozy place in his backyard. Apparently, Dan has always been fascinated (more like obsessed) with houses from story books and one of his greatest goals was to built one in real life.


The result is this 35 feet tall house with a surface of over 700 square feet. Just like any other place to live in, the house has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a lovely fireplace right at the toe of the building.


As you climb the spiral staircase, you get to a pretty deck right on the top of the boot.


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