If you’re one of the many people who discovered the magical effect offered by a cup of morning coffee, you can consider yourself (un)lucky. This addictive witchcraft allows us to go through the day in a more productive way.. and without murdering anyone.

Okay, I think you got the point. No matter if you’re a caffeine addict or just like its taste from time to time, the world would definitely be a sadder place without it. But how much do we know about where to find it?

We’ve dressed up and went on an expedition to discover the exact amount of coffee that can be found in some of the most common drinks we consume daily. And yes, the oh-so-healthy Lipton Ice Tea is included. You didn’t actually think you were drinking just tea, right?

The Mayo Clinic, which is a nonprofit organization conducting medical research, found that a healthy adult can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine a day. So let’s see what our favorite drinks contain:


McDonald’s 12 oz. drip coffee: 109 mg

Dunkin’ Donuts 10 oz. drip coffee: 215 mg

Starbucks 12 oz. drip coffee: 260 mg

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