In war everything it’s possible. When you are in the middle of nowhere, you can confront many things that can change your life for good. Nothing can prepare yourself with the terror and the unbelievable things you see in war zones. Ask any soldier and they will probably tell you the same thing: war is hell. But Craig Grossi, a marine soldier had an unexpected meeting with the cutest dog just when he had nothing to smile about.




Soldiers often see stray dogs in Afghanistan but they are walking in packs and they aren’t very friendly with humans. They can be very aggressive and angry, but this wasn’t the case with this stray dog. The adorable dog would also walk by the Marine compound where Craig Grossi was stationed. The dog had no fear when he was surrounded by humans, especially when he met Craig Grossi.




Craig’s superiors warned him and his other co-workers to stay away from stray dogs. He was okay with this until his heart melted. When this four paws friend started to be more confident, Craig knew that he must give him affection.




The marine soldier could not understand how this stray dog was so happy, when no one looked after him before he met him. Maybe it was love at first sight. His name was given by mistake, when Grossi’s fellow shouted “Looks like you made a friend,” and he misunderstood “Looks like a Fred.” So Fred be it!




At the beginning, the Marines were worried that Fred will bark and therefore he will expose their location. But Fred was a fast learner and he became an unofficial member of the team. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it was time for Grossi to leave, but he couldn’t abandon him. Now Grossi decided to travel from coast to coast with his friend, Fred and shares his awesome story with everybody.

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