You’ve probably experienced a difficult situation when it comes to hospital employees, doctors and surgeries. Most of surgeons won’t tell you how will be your surgery or its complication rate. When you’re fighting with a horrible disease for many years, you just hope that this last surgery will be ok, and you can continue your life as a normal person.


In this case, you won’t ask many questions about your surgery, your doctor or your anesthetist, you just want to finish with all of these, hoping to wake up in your bed next day.


We hope you’re not dealing with any disease, but, in case you are, we are here to reveal you some med-secrets most of the surgeons are keeping away from you and your family. So, if you are surrounded by doctors, hospitals and surgeries, you must know all these points of view and why they are secretly keeping them away from you.

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1 thought on “47 Secrets Surgeons Are Keeping Away From You”

  1. For any and all, Doctors, Nurses and the general public, I severed my right index finger at the top third knuckle with a table saw. No pain, it took about two seconds and no memory or sight( brain protecting me) of it. Got to hospital within 30 min via paramedic. No insurance. Admiting doctor(the Hospitalist for the medical Center) said probably could save it, paramedics didn’t think I would lose it, E.R. Doctor stated in record “40 min treatment for concern of life and limb (indicating at least 50/50 chance of saving it. Absolutely no treatment, cleaning, bandage change. False entries of: copious irrigation, hand specialist consult, schedule change from immediate O.R. intervention (as prescribed from E.R. doctor to at least 2 surgery changes without notifying me, secluded in a private room with no insurance and no communicatioin from any doctor to explain (also nowhere in the record to explain rescheduling) and finally a 30 hr. delay for surgery with the surgeon stating “I told you if it is viable I will save it”. Many of these facts I could only learn after early discharge and obtaining my record.
    What say you?

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