For all of you, book lovers, in China is built the most awesome and spectacular library. When you enter in this library, you feel like you are in another world. You will feel special and reading in this place will be an incredible experience. Reading at home can be difficult, because you are distracted. There are so many reasons to go to the library for reading and studying. First of all, you are focused, is a peaceful and quiet space, where you can accomplish whatever you need to do for school or college. Or maybe you just want to read a book for relaxing. And some of us can’t afford to buy a book, therefore the library is the perfect choice to make, because you can rent a book for free.



This library is the coolest in all of China, it’s made up of 34,200-square-meter glass and has a spherical shaped auditorium right in the center. Once you enter in this amazing world, you will not want to leave it soon. Go ahead! This library is full of surprises.



This is the fourth building designed to improve the Binhai Cultural District and it wasn’t easy at all. This library has a curvy shape and is divided into three zones: interact zone, watch zone and think zone. The result was unexpected, it was beyond any expectations.



The bookshelves from this library are also curvy and this creates a spectacular 3D view. Every visitor can sit and read in the lounge areas, but can also read in the auditorium. The interior design it’s practical and incredible! Bookshelves are also stairs and seating areas.



The outside of this building looks like a huge eye of knowledge and is love at first sight. And this is not all! This library also offers meeting rooms to discuss some debated topics, computer rooms and some audio rooms. You must visit this incredible library, it will give you thrills. The Tianjin Library is definitely the proof that humans can walk and read on walls.

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