An artist from Japan, Manabu Kosaka is a gifted person, he creates from high-quality Kent paper wristwatches. He can create a perfect replica of a Casio or Rolex and he doesn’t even use a special 3D printer, he only uses his hands. This is insane! The first step is to draw the design of the watch on a Kent paper and then he uses rudimentary tools like dremels, glue, an Xacto knife for cutting the small characters and tweezers. The details are incredible and is unbelievable what he can do.



Mr. Kosaka is doing this for 15 years and you may say that he can’t fail with these years of experience, but he still does it. When he is working at small details it’s very hard to be precise every time, but he never gave up.



He’s most incredible creations are perfect replicas of some iconic watches like the IWC Portugieser Chronograph, the Casio G-Shock, a Frank Muller and a Rolex. But the paper replica he is most proud of is the legendary Speedsmaster, because it has a clear view of its internal mechanism.




Kosaka also create a replica of a Louis Vuitton wallet out of paper. For this item he sculptured the paper to imitate the texture of the leather. As well he is proud of a Zippo lighter, a piece of sushi and a vintage camera. As you have seen, his paper art is beyond any imagination.

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