The sharp eye of the media (and those who are obsessed with celebrities) noticed a really weird thing when it comes to the stars’ outfits… and their shoes.

Although it often happens for their sheos to be smaller than they should (remember this Kim Kardashian priceless fail?), many times they are actually too big! But why?


It’s not like celebs’ outfits aren’t over-analyzed before they step on the red carpet, so why would they wear these ridiculously large shoes at every event?

Well, the explanation is much simpler than you’d think. Most Hollywood stars are planning that their shoes are one number (or more) larger than their foot size. This happens to prevent their feet from swelling and looking uglier than a larger shoe does.


Think about it: when going to an event, celebrities have to wear high heels for hours or even all night long. Imagine posing, walking around and dancing for 5 hours or more.. trust me, your feet will react and it won’t be pretty.

But now there’s a second question: how can they walk in shoes that are this large?

Apparently, stylists customize the shoes by placing silicone pads inside them so the shoes stay stuck on the ladies’ feet. The Hollywood world may be just smarter than we think!


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