There comes a time in a car’s existence when there’s just nothing to be done with it. Usually, cars are being destroyed at junkyards, or, in some cases, their parts are being used in other vehicles. At Old Car City USA, though, things are a bit different.


Of course, this location wasn’t always as fascinating as it is now. Back in the day, this wasn’t more than an usual graveyard from White, Georgia. However, the tradition of vehicle trading dates back to 1931, when the city founders started selling metal pieces of old cars.

When the founders’ son, Dean, became the new owner of the business (1970), he had absolutely no idea what he should do about those ’40s car ruins left there to age. Because he felt so close to them, he decided to just place them through the woods and let nature take care of their beauty – and so it has.


With over 4,000 cars designed by nature itself, the Old Car City now gets plenty of visitors who, for $15 for entry or $25 to take photos too, can enjoy the marvel of this unique place.

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