2. Frost Flowers

Just like hair ice, this type of formation is extremely difficult to spot – but once you see it, you’ll understand that it’s worth the effort. Aside from their incredible, unique shape, frost flowers mainly appear on the water surface, thus creating an outstanding view.


How does it happen? Well, when there is humid air above a water surface that becomes saturated, frost only forms with so-called imperfections. This is another proof that perfection is often found in imperfection.


1. Living Rocks

Just like people, rocks come in all shapes and sizes. They are so commonly encountered that we rarely pay attention to them – but what if you found one that literally bleeds? If you don’t think that’s possible, Pyura chilensis is a ‘rock’ that will prove you wrong.


Well, okay, we admit that it’s not really a rock, but a sackline marine invertebrate filter feeder (aka sea squirt), but we’d definitely mistake it for a rock if we saw it.


As a pro tip, you can find these treats in Spain and even eat them raw like oysters!

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