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5. Andy Kaufman from SNL 

This ban is a little bit different from the rest. Andy Kaufman has appeared several times on the show and it was usually a success, so what happened? Kaufman had feverishly pushed the boundaries of comedic expression, and in 1983 he created his most controversial work for SNL.

He played in the “Women’s Wrestling Champion” bit, where the comedian would call on female volunteers from the audience to wrestle him. The thing is the actor missed his mark and sparked numerous complaints.

Followed by a bunch of negative headlines, Dick Ebersol, who was the executive producer at the time, decided to make a poll about whether the actor should return to the show or be banned forever. What was supposed to be just a joke turned desperately serious, as the SNL viewers decided to dump the actor. So he respected the audience’s decision and he never appeared again on the show.

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