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Every Thanksgiving, families gather around the dinner table to eat a menu of turkey, side dishes, and pumpkin pie to give thanks—but have you ever thought about why? To answer your question, we’ve rounded up some fun Thanksgiving trivia facts that will help you understand some of the histories behind the holiday.

While giving thanks for what you have is obviously an important part of Thanksgiving, there are so many other traditions that come along with it. What’s the story behind all of those recipes?

Why does it take place at the end of November? When was the first feast? With the following Thanksgiving trivia, you’ll soon know the answers to all of these questions and more.

From why we watch football and why we eat turkey to the history of leftovers and Black Friday, we’re pretty sure you’ll be a Thanksgiving expert by the time you’ve finished reading.

Whether you’re just curious about the history of this holiday, are looking for a conversation starter at dinner, or want to save these Thanksgiving trivia facts for dessert, you and your guests are bound to be amazed by these surprising tidbits about Turkey Day.

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