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In a recent poll, many of Americans have been asked to vote for the most beautiful woman of all time, and the audience has decided. Of course, the results will surprise some of you. In general, assessing someone’s beauty is subjective, as some individuals will only consider their physical traits, while other people will take into consideration their personality traits. For example, some people who have physical features that do not meet the universal standard of beauty can still be considered attractive and beautiful because they have a charismatic personality that matters more.

This list was established by you by vote and we know that it was actually one of the most difficult tasks that you had to do because picking only some of them as the most beautiful women in the world feels like walking through a minefield. Not to mention that our planet is full of lovely ladies, which makes it even more difficult for us to create a list of the most stunning women out there. So, it may be unfair to choose a single woman of a certain generation as the supreme beauty, especially since they are all amazing in their own unique way, right? That being said, keep reading to discover the most beautiful ladies of all time!

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43 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Women of All Time, According to Statistics”

    1. Not that I was expecting Helen of Troy or Cleopatra to show up on this list, but when a headline touts a list representing the most beautiful women OF ALL TIME, I find it amusing that no one on the list was born prior to the 1930’s. (But even with that limited range, the idea that Emma Watson or Blake Lively would beat out Natalie Wood is pretty absurd …)

    2. Agree Barbara especially Ava I would have had her at number one, also not on the list is Cindy Crawford simply gorgeous even as she moves up in age and seems to be quite a wonderful person as she is beautiful. But there are an endless parade of gorgeous women who can fit into the top ten.

  1. Scott MacDonough

    What makes Jacqueline Bisset the most beautiful woman in the world is that her natural outer beauty (she has never had nor needed any cosmetic “enhancements”) reflects her inner beauty (having been honored by her friendship for 50 years, her compassionate heart, supreme intelligence, and delicious sense of humor never cease to astound me). She is also a first-rate, underrated actress, and everyone who has ever worked on one of her movies adores her.

  2. I don’t see how there could in reality be a list like this accurately compiled. It’s just not possible with all of the amazing candidates. Nice try though.

  3. Some of the women shown are very pretty but can’t hold a candle to Liz Taylor and many of the other older movie stars. Some of them aren’t even pretty. Weird.

  4. Agree w/Barbara…for instance, Ava, Liz, Merle, Hedy, Sophia….what about Grace Kelly? Catherine Daneuve? Romy Schneider? Legions of others…..I personally find this list offered for “10 Most Beautiful Women of All Time,” sort of “pedestrian. A few of them are, but, come on, the rest of them are sort of pedestrian: I’ve probably seen their likes at the grocery store every week and took no notice.

  5. Dewey sheffield

    Ava. Gardner was my baby sitter and life long friend.

    When she was home, she did not use makeup and she looked great. She was a very gracious person and did her best to make others comfortable and at ease.

    When you were with her, you were with greatness.

    1. I completely agree that Sophia Loren is the most beautiful. The only other one on the list worth considering is Brigitte Bardot, the rest are attractive, even beautiful, but these two are the all time winners in my book.

  6. None that you mentioned could hold a candle to: Claudia Cardinale, Jean Simmons, Ann Blythe,
    Morgan Fairchild, Shirley Jones, Brooke Shields, Julie Christi, Gina Lollobrigida, Denise Richards, and Terry Moore; iz zat ten???

  7. There are several women not on this list that should be; Sophia Loren, Gina Lolllobridgida, Liz Taylor…but I do agree with one question, here…How can you narrow it down to only 10!?

  8. Anyone who would leave Elizabeth Taylor out of of the No. 1 spot is either blind or jealous! To leave her completely out of the Top 10 must be ugly as heck! Bouncy, as I call her, thinks she’s the hottest thing alive, but she’s way out of her league, and half of those women on the list shouldn’t even be in the Top 100!!! I’m amazed double ugly Michelle Obama didn’t make the list!

  9. How is it possible for you to have left out Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren,, Claudia Cardinale and last but not least Marie Dressler?

  10. Natalie Wood and Jacklyn Smith both were and are beautiful. Martina McBride is also a beautiful lady. I don’t know who chose your list but there are a lot better looking women out there than the ones selected.

  11. Any list of 10 most beautiful women of all that doesn’t include Hedy Lamarr, Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Daneuve has no credibility!

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