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The truth is that there’s a thin line between love and hate and people tend to become aggressive, obsessed, possessive, and react negatively when they can’t have something they wanted. Unfortunately, things can get worse when another human is involved.

Being obsessed with a certain celebrity can also have positive aspects in some cases as people aspire to be like them, although the obsession is generally harmless, of course. For example, if you admire someone so much that you fully identify with that person, you can make them your role models and set a goal to become as successful as they are.

Regrettably, the celebrities in this article did not have a “positive” obsession from their fans, but rather a disastrous ending, as their fans chose a different destiny for them, literally turning them into a real star on the sky stage. The admiration of their fans turned into anger and was influenced by the desire to possess that person entirely or completely wipe them out of existence.

Here are some tragic stories of celebrities who were killed by their own biggest fans. Read on for more info!

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