Grandmas always buys us presents, but this particularly grandma is one of a kind. No, she didn’t buy a car for her grandson, she actually didn’t know what she bought. Funny or not, this grandma had no idea that the book she bought was full of “never say these words”, but, oh, well never say never, because even Red Riding Hood got rid of the bad wolf. Grandmas are there for us, no matter what, with one exception: the granny of Red Riding Hood. Got it?! So, when your granny visits you and you see a little gift in her hand, you feel so excited, you run to her and you give her a huge hug.




One six-year-old grandson thought he received the best present, but surprise, his mom was there to ruin everything. His grandma offered him a book, but she never opened it. When his mother was checking this book, she realized that she can’t allow her son to read this. The cover of the book seemed normal, but the content was very confusing for a six-year-old child.




The mommy, Tiffany was shocked when she opened the book named “If Animals Could Talk”. The content was describing private parts of the body, swear words and drugs. She wasn’t angry, on the contrary, she was amused and next thing she did was to upload some photos of the book on social media to warn other parents. Also, Tiffany’s husband was laughing to tears when he read it. So, next time you buy a book for your son or grandson, be sure you read some pages of the book.




What Tiffany didn’t expect was that her tweet has been liked 96,000 times and retweeted over 36,000 times. Attached on her post were other stories, which paralleled with Tiffany’s situation. So, the metaphorical phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” fits perfectly to this case. Well…this granny was a little bit careless and she probably didn’t look through the book, because she didn’t have the glasses on her.

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