Everyone is very excited with Black Friday, because the day before is Thanksgiving and all of us are looking for the perfect gift. Well…if you don’t know by now what Black Friday is, we will explain it for you. This day it’s a day like all the others, but it’s also a day where many stores nationwide offer discounted items. In these conditions, everyone wants to buy a Thanksgiving gift or a Christmas present in this day. But don’t be so glad, Black Friday isn’t always what it seems. Here are ten reasons why Black Friday isn’t such a good idea.


Black Friday shopping is madness and can be very dangerous. You’re literally fighting other shoppers for just one item.




You’re participating in something that’s not guaranteed. You can stand in line how long you want and run as fast as you want once the store opens but there is a chance you won’t even get what you wanted.




The deals that are available on Black Friday aren’t always the best you can buy. Instead, they create deals on items of much lesser quality.




Even though it seems like the sales are only available in the stores, it’s not. Stores offer the same sales online, so why freeze yourself to death while standing in line for something you can purchase home in the comfort of your own pajamas.




Driving to all these locations to shop needs gas and all that gas requires money. You might even spend more money on gas than your actual shopping.




The deals will still be there after Black Friday. They don’t vanish into thin air once the clock strikes midnight on Saturday. Deals will always be around during the holiday season.




Your time is worth more than all of this. Do you really want to stand in a 4 hour line for some measly discounted object when you can be doing so much more with your time?




Black Friday shoppers are ruthless. If you’re in their way, prepare to be pepper-sprayed or even worse.




What Black Friday shoppers fail to acknowledge is that they’re also taking up the store employees’ time. Not only do these employees have to skip Thanksgiving, they have to deal with hundreds of (zombie) strangers.




There is always Cyber Monday. You get the same deals a few days later and you don’t have to worry about physically getting into a fight with someone.




What you think now? Are you still excited with this day?

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