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Well, breaking up is not just for lovers, and when you are surrounded by toxic people, the healthiest thing that you have to do for your own good is to choose separate paths. Whether we are talking about family members, friends or partners, if someone is behaving badly with you and you are in a toxic relationship with them, then the most important thing is to break any connection with that person.

In general, people are afraid to separate from those close to them, especially their family members and friends (although deep down they want to), because society has taught them that it is not moral to do so and just leave. But, according to psychology experts, people should choose separate ways, as long as someone is deliberately hurting them (physically or mentally), as it is much more immoral to accept being next to someone toxic than to leave them.

People usually think that it’s okay to accept injustice when it comes from family or friends, forgiving them even if some people don’t deserve it, but experts say this kind of thinking is wrong. It is inadmissible to accept being physically or verbally abused just because that person is blood related to you or somehow connected with you. In addition, even if the behavior of these people towards you is not one related to abuse, but it is still toxic and makes you feel unhappy, you still have to get out of that friendship.

However, in order to help you better understand if your friendship is toxic, here are some red flags to watch out for! Read on for more info!

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